Q. What is a mobile crèche?

A.  A mobile crèche which travels to you. Wherever you are holding your event we will come to the venue and set up our crèche and care for the children whilst you enjoy your celebrations on the premises.

Q.  How much will it cost?

 A.  For an exact quote I will need to speak to you to discuss your requirements depending on

the number of children attending.  I have no hidden costs and will be very clear and honest with you regarding pricing from the very start to ensure there are no unexpected costs incurred.  If you have a budget in mind then I am more than happy to put together a

package to meet your requirements.

Q.  Do you feed the children?

A.  I can supervise feeding and also supply snacks to include a piece of fruit per child or biscuits. I will need to know about any

allergies your child may have which will be logged on the enrolment form.  I will provide water or low-sugar squash by arrangement with parents or guardians.

Q.  Do I need to bring anything for my child/children?

 A.  If your child/children are still in nappies I do ask for a suitable number of these to be supplied as well as wet wipes.  I will return any used items when your child/children are collected.  A potty will be supplied at the event if your child is used to using one. I also cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any valuables brought to the crèche although every care will be taken to make sure they are safe.

Q.  What if my child won’t settle?

 A.  If I cannot settle your child after 20 minutes I will come and find you at your event.  You are more than welcome to stay with your child until they are settled or remove them from the crèche.  Please let a member of staff know if you would like to do this.

Q.  How will I know who will be looking after my child/children?

 A.  All staff will be dressed in uniform with my logo printed on so we are easy recognisable by both children and parents.  I am more than happy for all staff to meet and talk to parents before they leave their child/children.  Also, upon request, I will arrange a meeting with myself and my staff with any interested parents prior to the crèche taking place.  Allcertificates and qualifications will be available upon request for your perusal for both myself and my staff.

Q.  Can my child/children leave the designated room/area when they want to?

 A.  Children can only be collected from the crèche by a parent or other named person as listed on the enrolment form. This will include a password being set up for a named responsible adult.  If your child needs the toilet they will be taken there by a member of staff.

Q.  What checks have been made on the staff who will be caring for my children?

 A.  I am able to say that myself and all members of staff have a full DBS clearance.  Also I will guarantee there will be a member of staff who holds a completed paediatric First Aid Certificate present at the crèche.

Q.  Can I choose the theme, activities or entertainment?

 A.  Yes, definitely!  If you would like your crèche to follow  a certain theme or include specific activities I can plan around your ideas and suggest the best way to make it happen.  When booking please state you wish to have a theme and let me know so I can help you

celebrate your special day the way you want it.

Q.  Can you provide a babysitting service after the crèche?

 A.  Of course!  I can carry on from the crèche with babysitting in rooms if the parents so require. There will be a babysitting charge which is worked out hourly for any babysitting hours carried out. Please let me know when booking if this service is required.

If you have any other questions which are not listed above please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would be more than happy to discuss anything with you both before and during the event.